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Vision Window Security


The Vision is ideal for the protection of windows from vandalism in applications where no other form of physical security can be considered. Typical applications will include schools, offices and residential housing.


Lexan Excell is a transparent polycarbonate that looks like glass. It combines proprietary UV protection and excellent weathering properties, with tough impact resistance.

Impact Resistance:

Vision will withstand a sustained attack from stone throwing and most hand tools, providing an invisible deterrent against vandalism and casual intruder entry.

The manufacturers, Sabic, describe Lexan Polycarbonate as virtually unbreakable!

Window Security Systems

Griffin Guard security screens externally fitted at a Top Valley School. The frames were colour coated to match the window frames and minimise visual impact. The stainless steel mesh is finished matt black to give a 'tinted' appearance.

The internal view shows how the Griffin Guards have NOT incurred any appreciable loss of light.

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