Sectional Overhead Doors

  • Sectional Overhead Door


Sectional overhead doors enable excellent access and traffic throughput whilst providing a valuable barrier to reducing energy loss. These doors are ideal for loading bays, industrial and storage units, fire and ambulance stations.

These doors can be manually or electrically operated. Colour and glazing options are available.

Summary Technical Specification

  • Maximum door size upto 42sq.m
  • Doors over 5,000mm wide supplied with double hardware and extended side seals to combat the effects of thermal box
  • Doors over 6,000mm wide supplied with wind bracing
  • Windows supplied one per full metre width upto 5 per panel
  • All doors fitted with spring and cable brake safety devices as standard

Insulated Sectional Overhead Doors

  • Give guaranteed high thermal performance
  • Avoid cold bridging compared to traditional roller shutters
  • Can be pre-finished in a range of colours and materials
  • Windows can be installed in single or multiple panels
  • Doors accidentally damaged can be easily repaired
  • Have a thermal performance that is greater than current building regulations


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