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Roller shutters are the traditional industrial door solution giving long life whilst being easily repaired and serviced. We offer a range of manual and electrically operated shutters that can be manufactured to most sizes. Finishes include galvanised, plasticol or powder coated.

Industrial shutters offer tough resistance whilst being economical to install. They can be easily automated and are ideal for protecting retail outlets, commercial buildings, leisure centres, hospitals, etc. They can also be used on agricultural buildings, industrial units, underground car parks and other areas where security is essential.

A wide range of finishes and colours are available to match their surroundings.

Fire roller shutters are used in those areas where there is a need to maintain a fire boundary across a transit route to protect against the risk of fire spreading through premises and the consequential fire damage. Uses include serving hatches in schools, hospitals, canteens, offices and other industrial workplaces.

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