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Rain or shine, enjoy your patio year round while you protect your furnishings inside and out. Luxaflex® offers a range of awning systems to suit every application—from covering the largest patio to a simple sunshade. Luxaflex awnings are available in a variety of styles, fabrics, and colours designed to resist fading and temperature extremes.

Fully cassetted awnings provide optimal weather protection and flexibility and can retracted fully into the powder coated aluminium cassette system making them the perfect choice for all year use. There are two fully cassetted models available: Armony 3000 is ideal for larger spaces up to 12m wide and 3.6m arm length and the Base Plus is perfect for windows up to 5m wide and 3.1m arm length.

Semi-cassetted awnings fully retract into the aluminium casing while the awnings arms tuck unobtrusively below. Available in two models the Palladio 2060 for larger spaces extend up to 14m wide and 3.6m arm length. The smaller Milano 2050 model extend to 5m in width and a 2.6m arm length

There are two main uncassetted systems, the Square Bar and the Drop Arm system. There are a number of Square Bar systems to choose from including Arezzo 2020 for larger spaces up to 14m wide and 4.1m arm length. There is also a light weight system the Silver BQ available in square bar or combi-mounted system average up to 5m wide and 2.35m arm length. The classic drop arm Italia awning is well suited for spaces up to 5m wide and 1.8m arm length.

Luxaflex® awnings come in a wide array of fabrics and materials from solid plain colours to modern stripes in acrylic canvas. As a standard, white hardware colour is available for all models. Other hardware colours are possible as an option for selected models. Please ask for details.

Available with the cassetted and uncassetted systems, our under awning Light Box option introduces an integrated set of lights to illuminate your evenings outdoors. Unobtrusive in a powder coated white aluminium, each light can be individually angled for optimum lighting control and effect.

Manual Awning:

Open and close the awning using the supplied rod and crank.

Powered Awning:

Open and close the awning using the:

  • Switch, installed near the awning in a position offering the user a full view of the awning. If the switch is installed outdoors, it must be suitably protected
  • portable or wall-mounted Remote control unit

Alternatively, fully automatic control by solar cell and anemometer is available .

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