Automatic Doors


Access Doors supply and install and maintain automatic doors with safety technology in compliance with the latest standard - EN 16005 and previous standards where the doors were installed before the current standard superseded. We operate in all sectors including commercial, industrial, public and private sector.

Our automatic door technicians are qualified and professional, working directly with clients to enable us to understand their needs and expectations. This enables us to offer valued tailored and bespoke support solutions at a level needed.

Sliding door

The standard sliding door with bi-part or single slide opening is the most popular automatic and functional door. Recommended for public entrances and exits high traffic flow of people, or where the safety of the users is linked to the flow of traffic.

Main features

  • The most popular and functional automatic door.
  • Recommended for entrances and exits with high traffic flow of people.
  • Offers an increase in opening speeds compared to swing doors.
  • Maximum safety.
  • Bi-part or single-slide door leaves.
  • Bespoke sizes, finish options and colours.


Swing doors

Our swing doors provide functionality, safety and design. Personalised finishing’s and colours allow them to be customised to all the types of surrounds in which they are to be installed.

Main features

  • The most adaptable swing door.
  • Installation with hardly any limitations.
  • Possibility of automating new or existing doors.
  • Maximum safety.
  • Left or right opening
  • push or pull.
  • Single of Double doors
  • Each single leaf is driven by a dedicated operator.
  • Minimalist design operator set in rounded case.
  • Bespoke designs to suit all locations including finish options and colours.
  • Wide range of accessories.


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